Sikkim 2018 Part 2

Hey guys I’m back with the second and final part of my Sikkim trip. Let’s start it right where I left. Day 3 in Sikkim started very early for us. It was almost a 9 hour journey from Gangtok to Lachen. The roads are great, so it was a smooth ride to Lachen.dsc_0134-01 We reached Lachen in the evening, clicked some photos, fooled around a little, had drinks with our driver and slept early. We had to leave for Gurudongbar Lake at 5 in the morning. There are a hell lot of army check posts in the way so photography is pretty much restricted until you reach Gurudongbar, where you’re free to click. Seeing so many army people, tanks and training made me feel really proud of the Indian Army, it’s like at least -10 degrees there most of the time and they work their ass off in those tough conditions away from their friends and families, I mean hats off to them man! Alright now coming back to the trip, Gurudongbar Lake is at 17000 ft. above sea level, so people suffering from diseases such as diabetes and pressure problems should consult their doctor before-hand cause I saw people getting sick there due to low oxygen. It is considered a very holy place by the Hindus, Buddhists as well as the Sikh.img_20181108_093228003-01 Its amazing man, I can’t even describe it in words how beautiful it was. We stayed there for half an hour and then came back to Lachen. On the way back to Lachen, we visited Kala Patthar which is like a really cool place with lots of snow.img_20181108_124143567-01 We headed for Lachung which is like a 3 hour ride from Lachen. Next morning we went to Yumthang Valley. A scenic beauty with a river flowing alongside. The valley is full of Rhododendron flowers during March and April. We came back to Lachung, and started our journey back to Gangtok where we stayed the night. Next morning we started our journey for Rolep. We went through Changu Lake again, The New Baba Mandir, The Old Baba Mandir, Kupup Lake, Silk Route and Zuluk on our way and reached Rolep in the evening where we stayed in a home stay.

The next day we just relaxed with no journey at all. So much of time in the car at such an altitude really takes toll on your body so a day of rest is really needed. In spite of this, we really did some fun activities like visiting secret waterfalls, bathing in the refreshing mountain water (which is really rejuvenating after such hectic days), and having Tongba all evening with a bonfire specially arranged for us. Tongba is a local drink which is basically made from fermented millets.img_20181111_172156-01 It’s really tasty, not that strong and is served in a bamboo container with a bamboo straw which I found really cool. Also I made a new friend there, our driver’s little kid. Next day we head towards NJP Station in the morning, and get on our train for Kolkata ending our trip. This trip will always be really special for me. Although it was physically very draining, the amazing places and the great company of my friends made everything worth the effort.dsc_0184-01 I got to learn a lot about the local people and their cultures, met a ton of really cool people and ate some really lip smacking food. Memories made in Sikkim will always be cherished. I would seriously recommend Sikkim for all the mountain lovers out there, believe me, you’ll be mesmerized by how beautiful this place is and how awesome are the people. And also, HAPPY NEW YEAR guys. Let 2019 be full of joy and happiness. And also good food, like seriously how can I forget that!

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