Sikkim 2018 Part-1

So like every year, I went for my annual trip with my friends in November, this time to Sikkim. But unlike other years, this time instead of four, there were seven of us. Me, my friends Debrup, Procheto, Rahul, Snehasish, his brother Shubhasish and my hi junior Sourav. It was one hell of an experience. And believe me when I say it, Sikkim is a very underrated travel destination. Every breath of fresh air you take there is the best alternative to the polluted city air, the cold af breeze that just makes you forget all your problems that you left behind. This trip will always be remembered as one of the best trips of my life. Let me give you some details of everything.Station

So I started my trip on 4th November. Caught a train from Kolkata Station (train- Garibh Rath) at 9pm. Reached New Jalpaiguri station the next morning at 8 am. We had some light breakfast, and then left for Gangktok. We had booked a Bolero for the entire trip. It took us around 6 hours to reach Gangtok including the cigarette breaks and the tea breaks. We had booked a house from Airbnb. It was an amazing place. A very spacious and clean house, with two bathrooms, two bunkbeds, three single beds, a living room, a dining cum kitchen with all the necessary utensils and cutlery, an induction , an electric kettle and a refrigerator. It cost us 3270 per night which is a pretty good deal for seven people. We went to MG Marg afterwards and had a great meal at Dragon Wok. We had Beef Momo, Pork Fried Rice, Stir Fried Beef and Beef Thukpa. Also, lots of Hit Beer. We came back and slept early as we had to wake up early the next dayIMG_20181105_181715-01IMG_20181105_181542-01IMG_20181105_181538-01IMG_20181105_183140-01IMG_20181105_175716-01-01

We left for Changu Lake the next morning at 7:30am. It is very necessary to leave within 8 am as the traffic in Gangtok is disgusting. On our way to Changu we stopped for breakfast at a place which had the best Veg Momos I have ever tasted, with a fresh made roasted tomato chilli chutney. Every car stops at this village. I would recommend you to go to the first shop for these amazing momos.IMG_20181106_093537-01 Also they make great coffee. Then we went to The New Baba Mandir. Stopped there for a while, had some more momos at the army canteen, and while coming back, stopped at Changu Lake. We stayed there for around an hour and then left for Gangtok. On our way back, we had lunch at the same place where we had our breakfast. Some of us had Maggi, while I and the rest had egg curry and rice. Since everything is organic in Sikkim, everything tastes so fresh and so good here. Even the simple green leaves coked with just some garlic and chilli tasted amazing. We stopped by MG Marg on our way back to pick some bottles of that amazing Hit Beer. The dinner that day was a disaster, we had pork rice where there was only pork fat and no meat. We made the mistake of not eating from MG Marg, so I would suggest you guys to please eat your dinner from MG Marg. We packed our luggage and slept early as we had lots of travelling to do the next day.

The Sikkim Trip will be a two part series. Follow my blog for more such posts.

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